Why partner with parents?

Vision Statement
To foster thriving communities where every individual, from the earliest moments of life to the final stages, is empowered, equipped, and activated to lead a life of dignity and purpose. We envision a society that upholds constitutional values, rejects divisive ideologies, and champions the principles of equality, justice, and individual freedom.

Mission Statement
As advocates for parents and communities, our mission is to specialize in empowering, equipping, and activating individuals and localities at every stage of life. We are dedicated to opposing divisive curriculums and policies, including Critical Race Theory (CRT), defunding police, Wokeism, DEI initiatives, Marxism, and any gender-based practices challenging biological sex definitions. Recognizing the potential for harm in evolving systems, we advocate for government involvement only when it comes to protecting rights and not in the redistribution of goods forcibly taken from othes.  Our unwavering commitment lies in supporting the structure and original intent of the Constitution as the bedrock for positive transformation, fostering resilient and empowered communities.

Meet our team, the heart of Every Black Life Matters.

We support EVERY stage of life from conception to the final stages

1 kevin profile

Kevin McGary


1 neil profile

Neil Mammen

Vice President

1 lonnie profile

Lonnie Poindexter

Dir. of  Partnership

1 regina

Regina V. Roundtree

“Wizard behind the curtain”


To help individuals in the black community grow and prosper in mind, body and spirit by eliminating disproportional injustices that hinder Black advancement.


Due to black plight caused by progressives, our mission is to protect black life from conception to death by confronting injustice and deconstructing barriers inside and outside the black community through a national platform of training, networked resources, community organizing and faith building.


“We equip diverse communities with knowledge and tools to support racial justice, while eliminating divisive and destructive racial identity-based practices” 


We are Parent & Community Advocates specializing in empowering, equipping and activating individuals & communities for :

  • Pro-life advocacy
  • Race relations and diversity advocacy (individuals/communities and corporations)
  • Advocacy in denouncing racist curriculums like Critical Race Theory (CRT) that target children
  • Advocacy in helping parents and communities reject race & gender indoctrination of children


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